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beautiful woods and more

We work primarily with IPE, Trex (composite) and all heart Redwood decking. Whatever your preference is we are committed to applying high quality standards in building your deck.

IPE (Ironwood)

A hardwood from brazil, IPE is the perfect decking material.
IPE is the strongest wood on earth. it is scratch resistant, splinter resistant, termite resistant, fire resistant (IPE's fire rating is similar to stone!), and IPE has a 25+ year durability rating.

With no effort at all, IPE naturally develops a silvery grey patina over time. Or if you prefer, with a very little effort you can achieve and maintain a rich "teak-like" finish.

Trex (composite)

Trex decking is a wood and plastic composite, made primarily from reclaimed hardwood sawdust and reclaimed/recycled polyethylene plastic such as grocery sacks and stretch film. The combination of wood and plastic in trex products offers the best of both materials.

Unlike plastic lumber, which is typically 100% plastic, Trex decking is approximately 50% wood fiber and 50% plastic. Because of the wood content, Trex decking has the advantages of low thermal expansion/contraction, natural UV stability, good traction and is paintable. Trex is extremely moisture and insect damage resistant.




















Redwood is a classic for decks because it is great looking, resists weathering, is easy to use and takes finishes better than most other woods. The heartwood grades naturally resist insects and decay and we use only ‘all heart’ Redwood.

Redwood has no chemical additives and resists warping and splitting better than other woods. With a quality water repellent finish you get a deck with long lasting good looks and performance.


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